JuJu Smith-Schuster Wants LeBron James To Play For The Steelers Next Season

by 12 months ago
lebron james throwing football

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LeBron James is set to enter free agency after the end of the year, and most people expect him to explore his options after his most recent experiment with the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to play out like he’d planned. James has apparently already expressed interest in meeting with a number of other squads, which could result in him giving the whole “super team” thing another try with the Warriors or heading to Los Angeles and legally adopting Lonzo Ball to save him from LaVar once and for all.

While teams aren’t allowed to officially contact James until his contract expires, that doesn’t mean the recruitment process hasn’t already begun. 76ers fans paid for a few billboards in Cleveland in an attempt to lure him to Philadelphia (a gesture which James apparently appreciated but Cavaliers fans did not), and it appears Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster wants the Akron native to also take his talents to Pennsylvania next year for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball.

Last month, Smith-Schuster urged James to leave the NBA for the NFL, but it looks like he might actually be serious based on a recent tweet announcing his official recruitment campaign.

In high school, James was almost as talented on the football field as he was on the basketball court, and his skills as a wide receiver caught the attention of coaches including Urban Meyer, who unsuccessfully attempted to get him to pursue the sport after high school.

Unless James is a bigger fan of CTE than he’s previously revealed, I have a feeling Smith-Schuster won’t end up convincing him to try to become an NFL player at 33 years old, but I certainly respect the hustle.

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