Julian Edelman Named His Top Wide Receivers In The League Right Now, Upset Numerous NFL Fans

Julian Edelmans Top 3 Wide Receivers In The NFL Upset Numerous Fans

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  • Julian Edelman played wide receiver for 12 seasons in the NFL.
  • He caught 620 passes with highs of 105 in 2013 and 100 in 2019.
  • This week, he named who he thinks are the top wide receivers in the NFL today.

12-year NFL veteran Julian Edelman was considered to be one of the toughest wide receivers in the NFL when he played. He was also considered to be one of the best route runners, which is why he was year in and year out one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets in New England.

So he knows a thing or two about playing the position.

That doesn’t mean he knows everything though.

Case in point, this week while appearing on the I Am Athlete podcast, Julian Edelman shared who he believes are the top three wide receivers in the game today.

Not everyone agreed.

Julian Edelman was asked to give his top three current wide receivers in the NFL; he named four

“Top three? Top three…” Edelman said thoughtfully. “I like [Davante] Adams. I like him because he’s quicker than what you think … you can play him everywhere … he’s never not open.

“I love Keenan Allen,” he continued. “I love Keenan Allen because his release game, I would always watch his releases. He has that crossover release … he does that real well. He’s always not coverable as well.

“And you gotta go, like, my tweener, Cooper Kupp, he does a lot of everything. He’s not going to go up and Moss a dude, but he’s going to run comebacks, he’s gonna run go’s and get the back shoulder … he’s going to hit all these inside routes. He’s versatile and I’m a little biased towards those guys because that’s how I was. I played in all spots.

“And then you gotta go Tyreek [Hill], that speed,” Edelman concluded. “He’s so fast he doesn’t even have to run great routes and he’s going to get wide open because people are going to be terrified of his speed. So once he gets guys going, all he has to do is throw on the speed a little, and it’s over … when you have that kind of speed it’s unfair.”

It’s certainly a heck of a list Edelman threw out there. Hard to argue with any of his choices.

What’s that? NFL fans do want to argue with his choices? What a surprise.

Some just took issue with the order Edelman ranked them.

Then again…

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