NBC Nightly News Apologizes For Airing Julian Edelman’s Shirt Featuring Tupac Giving Everyone Double Birds


New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman likes to make waves with his wardrobe from time to time. Today he was at it again, giving locker room interviews in a classy “Trust Nobody” t-shirt featuring Tupac giving double birds to everyone in attendance.

While this would be awesome enough by itself if it just went viral online, the t-shirt made national news tonight courtesy of NBC. NBC Nightly News aired footage of Edelman’s shirt, apparently unaware that it would offend some viewers. It didn’t take long before the show apologized for showing the shirt.


NBC also had Brian Williams issue an apology on air, but really the public should be thankful for the sound advice. “Trust Nobody” is right.

[H/T: @nbcnightlynews]