Kansas City Chiefs Ownership Is Sending All 2,000 Employees And Family Members To Super Bowl LIV And I’m Not Jealous, You Are

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / William Purnell/Icon Sportswire

We are just a few sleeps away from Super Bowl LIV. I suppose that number varies depending on how much you drink this weekend and how many naps you’ll need to take in order to get your body and mind right for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I plan on going pretty hard tonight, then drinking away that hangover in moderation on Saturday that way I’m feeling good and not hurtin’ by the time Sunday rolls around and I need to fire up the smoker for brisket and some wings. Dammit, I’m already getting sidetracked. Why do you guys always let me do this??

Anyway, the Super Bowl’s here with the San Francisco 49ers facing the Kansas City Chiefs who won their first AFC Championship in FIFTY YEARS. That 50-year Super Bowl drought is only bested by the Detroit Lions (62 years) and the New York Jets (51) years, but the Cleveland Browns (47 years) aren’t too far behind Kansas City’s streak.

To celebrate Kansas City breaking their 50-year Super Bowl appearance drought, Chiefs’ chairman Clark Hunt and the rest of the ownership decided they’d make this special for everyone in the organization.

And by everyone they meant everyone:

MIAMI – When the Chiefs won their first AFC championship in 50 years, chairman Clark Hunt and the rest of his ownership family decided that they would bring everyone associated with the franchise to the Super Bowl: the coaches and players, the front-office staff and scouts, the janitors and receptionists, and all of their families.
Hunt estimates the team brought 2,000 people total, or about 3 percent of the capacity of Hard Rock Stadium.

“We’re still counting and I’m sure I’ll never know the exact number,” Hunt said with a laugh. “One of the things we talk to the staff about is that we’re one team. There’s not a football side to the staff. There’s not a business side to the staff. I make that point to the players when I talk to them at training camp. I make that point to the rookies when I talk at the rookie dinner. We wouldn’t be here without every employee in the organization. We felt it only appropriate to bring the entire team.”
That includes the security staff, too. (via FOX13News)

According to the Fox13News report, the average Super Bowl ticket price is over $6,400 and up from last year. This isn’t at all a shock given that this year’s Super Bowl has two teams that aren’t always in attendance (Patriots).

They also go on to state that the average fan is traveling 1,540-miles to Super Bowl LIV since the bulk of Kansas City and San Francisco fans are coming from clear across the country. All of these factors contribute to this being one of the most expensive Super Bowls in recent memory for those attending which makes this even more of a badass move from the Chiefs’ ownership.

If I’m a random employee with the 49ers, I think I’m pretty salty right now. Just knowing my Chiefs counterpart got a free trip for his whole family would drive me nuts.