Entire Kansas State Football Team Boycotting School After Student Mocks George Floyd On Twitter

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The entire Kansas State football team has announced they will not play or practice football until a student is punished for mocking the late George Floyd, who died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

On Thursday, K-State student Jaden McNeil made this tweet making fun of Floyd’s history with drug abuse that came to light following his death.

Several Kansas State football players immediately fired back at Jaden and asked the school to step in and punish him over the tweet.

K-State wide receiver Joshua Youngblood revealed that the team has bandded together and will boycott the school until McNeil is dismissed for his “openly racist” tweet.

“To our family at Kansas State: Due to the recent disparaging, insensitive, and unsettling comments made by a fellow student, we as a football team, after consultation with students from campus organizations, as well as students from the general student body, feel it is best for us to stand with the students,” the statement read. “We are demanding that Kansas State University put a policy in place that allows a student to be dismissed for displaying openly racist, threatening or disrespectful action toward a student or groups of students.

On Friday, the University released a statement saying they condemned the McNeil’s George Floyd tweet and are currently looking into the matter internally.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, McNeil has been unapologetic about his tweet.