KD Calls Draymond Green Out For Spreading ‘100% False’ Narrative About His Finals MVP Performances With The Warriors

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  • KD is going off on Draymond Green for recent comments about the Warriors’ most recent championship teams
  • Green singled out Durant as a way of proving that Steph Curry is a more impactful player
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Kevin Durant is not happy with Draymond Green’s most recent comments about the Warriors’ NBA title teams from 2017 and 2018. In a recent podcast appearance, Green seemed to single out Durant as a way of proving that Steph Curry was more impactful in landing those championships.

This despite the fact that KD won back-to-back Finals MVP awards.

Take a listen.

While Green notes the high level of play that Durant performed at in those Finals victories, he then discredits the production by saying that Steph Curry was a more impactful player.

“Steph Curry got double teamed probably seven times the amount that KD did in a given series… Yet, the guy still averages, I’m not sure what his Finals average is, but I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar it’s north of 23 points. So, the impact that he has on the game, if you don’t understand basketball, then you’re going to come out and you’re going to say, ‘He needs to validate that by [winning] a Finals MVP.'”

Durant caught wind of the conversation, and he’s calling Draymond’s statement “100% false.”

KD responds to Draymond Green’s comments

Durant says that Green is 100% false in his assessment, at least according to his own personal view. He would go on to double down on the stance in a Twitter debate with followers.

One fan says that maybe scheme and position led to Green’s comments. Steph was more of a ball handler than KD, leading to more double team opportunities. Durant says that the thought that Curry was double teamed more, though, is a “blatant lie” no matter the scheme.

Durant took this as a shot from Green. He sees it as a way of discrediting his role on those championship teams.

Now this isn’t the first time KD has fired off at Draymond. The two had a beef while teammates in Golden State which Durant says ultimately led to his departure from the Warriors.

Draymond Green responds to KD’s response

Draymond Green bit back on Twitter, telling Durant that “listen to full takes” before getting baited into tweeting.

Durant responded, seemingly squashing the feud for now.

The two still don’t agree, but that’s probably as much closure as we’ll get on the situation.