Keegan Bradley And Miguel Angel Jimenez Almost Went To Blows During Their Match At WGC Match Play Tournament


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In case you weren’t watching the World Golf Championship Match Play tournament yesterday, there was a middle school-esque confrontation by the lockers between 2nd and 3rd period. Let me fill you in on the juicy part. One of our Red Blooded American Heroes – Keegan Bradley, almost beat the pulp out of “The Most Interesting Man in Golf/The Mechanic” aka Miguel Angel Jimenez on the course today… Literally.

It all started on the 13th hole when Keegan Bradley hit a poor tee shot that ended up on the cart path. Jimenez’ ball was some 40 yards away. When he came over to take a look to see what his opponent was doing, he wasn’t too thrilled with the relief Keegan was given from the PGA Tour Rules Official.

A brief exchange ensued which resulted in Jimenez telling Bradley’s caddie Steve “Pepsi” Hale to “shut up.” Which then ignited Keegan to get right up in The Mechanic’s Grill telling him to “walk away right now.” This quick story doesn’t really do the incident justice. Thankfully, there’s a video.


Yes the two did end up shaking hands after and it appears as if Jimenez apologized to Bradley and tried to somewhat smooth things over by explaining his side of things. Although Pepsi wasn’t hearing any of it and just happened to forget to shake his hand. Johnny Miller was also right for a change when he said the rules official should have done a better job in the situation. Tisk tisk, Mr. Rules Official.

To be honest with you guys, I find this whole situation quite bizarre. Keegan, The Mechanic, and Pepsi are all some of the nicest people out there. The Mechanic is known for having a great time with all his playing partners out on the course I can’t think of a soul (until now) that would have a ill word to say about him. I’ve known Pepsi ever since I was in high school, guy is also one of the most genuine people to ever don the bib. Keegan is also a class act that is still as humble as Forrest Gump. This is however, match play. And these guys literally need to beat each other to advance. Not just shoot the lowest score like in tournament play.

But at the end of the day, you don’t ever tell your opponent’s caddie to shut up. That’s like talking smack about someone else’s family member. Glad to see Keegan stuck up for his man the way he did. Spaniards are known for their inner fire. All of them have a quiet temper (except for Sergio, who’s a bit louder). Moral of the story today kids is that when there is a rules official present, you’re probably not getting screwed over. No matter what country you’re in.

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