Kentucky Fan Gets ’40-0, National Champs’ Tat, Has Lame Backup Plan For When The Wildcats Implode

The tournament hadn’t even kicked off when this University of Kentucky Über fan got his ’40-0, National Champs’ tattoo. As history has shown us getting a tattoo proclaiming your team as ‘champion’ before the game is played ALWAYS ends well for the person getting the ink. However, on the off chance that The Wildcats don’t finish the offseason undefeated, Marissa Alter of Louisville’s CBS affiliate WLKY is reporting that this super fan has a backup plan.

Isn’t the mere act of having a backup plan enough to jinx your team? Say what you will about superstition, but I’m pretty sure this Kentucky fan just doomed his team’s chances of winning it all by announcing that he ‘has a backup plan if‘.

So I hope you sleep well during the tourney, whoever you are, knowing you alone cost your team the championship by opening your stupid mouth.

[tip of the hat to Kmarko @BarstoolSports for finding and sharing this tattoo with the world]