Kevin Durant Took A Break From The Parade To Get Into A Basketball Discussion With Random Dudes On Twitter

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Call me crazy, but the last thing I’d imagine any Warriors player doing after drankin and celebrating a world championship all day is hopping online to discuss basketball with Todd from Minnesota who works at Target and has two cats. But, Kevin Durant is a man of the people, and we’ve already established he ain’t much of a drinker, so the Finals’ MVP may value chatting with Twitter eggs over popping bottles and listening to mumble rap.

Good on him. You may remember the other day the Durant said that Kyrie was a better player “skill for skill” than Hall of Famer Allen Iverson. As you can imagine, this sent Twitter into hysterics, so KD went back on Twitter post/mid-parade to clarify and chat with some rando dudes.


KD cares.


Show your work.


Man of the people…


KD finished up the night by dropping an ‘lol’ to his own comment. Nice.


Touche, KD. Touche.

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