Kevin Durant Had NSFW Response To Kendrick Perkins Flipping Him Off During Postgame Press Conference

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Kendrick Perkins beef with the Golden State Warriors has been an entertaining subplot throughout the NBA finals. During game 1 of the finals, Warriors forward Draymond Green got into it with Perkins when he mocked Perk who was cheering his team on from the bench.

During game 2 of the NBA finals, Curry got in Kendrick Perkins’ face after tripping over the Cavs big man’s legs on the sidelines.

Perk went on to warn the Warriors to look for someone else to mess with.

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“I don’t know why people keep wanting to pick battles this way,” . “Might want to choose that [expletive] wisely, man, [rather] than [bleeping] with me. I don’t think I’m the problem that they want, though, might want to pick another battle.”

After last night’s game 3 loss to the Warriors, Perk walked in on Kevin Durant during his postgame presser and randomly flipped off the Dubs’ superstar forward.

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On his way out of the arena, Kendrick Perkins stopped in the hallway and snuck his head in the interview room to see who was at the podium. When he saw it was Kevin Durant, Perk saluted him with middle fingers raised high over his massive frame. Without saying a word, he turned away and continued for the exit.

Durant, who was once teammates with Perk in OKC, fired off his own NSFW response.