For Some Reason, Kevin Durant Spent Hours Tweeting At Trolls, Haters And About One Gross Rumor

kevin durant twitter trolls haters rumor

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Kevin Durant must not have had much to do over Father’s Day weekend because, for some reason, he spent hours on Twitter sparring with various trolls, haters and dealing with one gross rumor about himself. I guess the NBA Finals MVP had nothing better to do now that he’s a world champion and all.

Regardless of the reason, over the past few days Durant decided to interact with fans on Twitter. And by fans, I mean trolls, haters and the like. In other words, the average person on Twitter.

Durant got the Twitter ball rolling late last week by responding to someone who said he wouldn’t see his teammates again until training camp, inferring that Durant is some kind of NBA mercenary.

This being Twitter, the trolls’ Spidey-senses started tingling and they decided to bring the full might of their trolling abilities to bear over the weekend. In a very surprising move, Durant actually took their bait.

And on it goes. However, at some point in this “conversation” things got weird. Like REALLY weird.

Uh… what? Read that again. What the…?

Alrighty then. Looks like KD is going to be a fun follow this summer.