Kevin Garnett Reacts To Kyrie Irving Disrespectfully Stomping On Celtics’ Logo

  • Kyrie Irving sparked outrage after stomping on Celitcs logo
  • Celtics legend Kevin Garnett took offense to Kyrie’s actions
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The Brooklyn Nets handily beat down the Boston Celtics in game 4 on Sunday night but no one is talking about the game on Monday.

After the game, Irving had a water bottle thrown at him by an angry Celtics fans as he made his way towards the locker room.

Before having a bottle thrown at him, Kyrie walked to mid-court and stomped on the Celtics’ logo.

Celtics legend Kevin Garnett took to Instagram and reacted negatively to Kyrie stomping on the logo.

Garnett’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins took a more measured approach to Kyrie’s logo stomp.

“When you’re competing and you’re getting booed and people are chanting at you, and you come in there and drop 40 points, I don’t know how a person may overreact and I don’t how a person will celebrate…It wasn’t like he kicked Brad, or talked noise to the bench, I can’t tell Kyrie how to celebrate after he just had a monster night after getting booed and people chanting things at him”

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