Kevin Hart Gave Conan A Hilarious Play-By-Play Of His Drunken Mission To Hold The Super Bowl Trophy

Kevin Hart Drunk Super Bowl Trophy

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While Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was named the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LII, we all know that Kevin Hart was the real MVP. His drunken escapades during the post-game celebration and ceremonies will forever be intertwined with the Eagles first Super Bowl win.

From trying to get on stage with the Eagles to hold the Lombardi trophy (and getting comically rejected) to dropping an F-bomb on NFL Network’s live broadcast from the game, Hart was in rare form.

That’s because, as he told Conan O’Brien Monday night when he showed a photo of a security guard stopping Hart from getting on stage, “Well, first of all, that’s a good man. That guy did his job. Thank God. Thank God he did his job that day because I was a little thing called intoxicated.”

Kevin Hart Super Bowl Drinks Video

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After explaining how he and his crew had been having a good time, throwin’ ’em back, and the Eagles won, “We win and something in my head said I need to go down there with the team. It was one of those things where you get that thought and nobody else is a part of that thought, but I had a look in my eyes that I’ve never had before.”

“I took everybody out the suite,” Hart explained. “We have no passes, there’s nothing to get us by the people that we’re getting by. I’m literally walking by people. They’re like, ‘Excuse me, sir.’ I’m like, ‘I’m Kevin Hart! I’m goin’ down with the team!’”

Kevin Hart Apologized Drunk Super Bowl

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“I get another light bulb that goes off,” Hart told Conan. “I go, the city of Philadelphia wants to see me hold this trophy.”

“Man, here’s how stupid I am, people,” he continued. “I’m trying to get to the trophy. The football team is right here. I’m celebrating with the Eagles. I’m in the middle of the Eagles huddle. They’re pushing me around. It’s great. I noticed because I watched the video later… in the video you hear one of the players go, ‘Kev! The trophy’s right here. Come hold the trophy, take a picture with the trophy!’ You also hear me go, ‘No, I’m goin’ up here to take a picture with the trophy!’ The trophy is right here! All I gotta do is turn around!”

All that being said, Hart says that if he could do it over again he would do it 100 percent the same way. Thank goodness.