This Video Of A Little Kid Sobbing To Put Romo In For Prescott Will Make You Wear A Condom

Dak Prescott lays and egg in one game and *Joker voice* EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS. This little bugger has no regard for a rookie quarterback setting a new franchise record for most wins in a row and wants to call in a 36-year-old who has won only two of six playoffs games in his career. But, alas, let this little shit rant:

“Put Tony Romo! You can’t catch a ball (pointing to Dez Bryant poster). If we want to win the Super Bowl, we have to beat the Giants in the second round. The Giants are going to freaking beat us. It’s two times now. We lost two times in a row to one team.”

How many Capri Suns do you think Romo gifted to this kid to release this video? I’ll take the over on 233.

[h/t Black Sports Online]