Klay Thompson Getting Booed At Giants Game For Wearing An L.A. Hat Is The Curse Cavs Fans Are Hoping For

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters in the NBA, but he quickly found out that San Francisco sports fans don’t have much patience when someone wears rival colors.

Klay, who is just one win away from his second-straight NBA title with the Dubs, showed up at the Giants-Dodgers game last night in an L.A. hat to show support for his brother Trayce—who’s a stud outfielder for the team. The reaction he got? Boos. Lots and lots of boos.

There have been plenty of strange curses that sports fans have seen before, so Cleveland Cavs fans are praying that this is one of those moments where Giants fans’ boos will shift the tide of this year’s NBA Finals. Pray really, really hard, Cavs fans.

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