Klay Thompson Got Absolutely Dominated In Pop-A-Shot By A Little Girl

klay thompson golden state warriors

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When I was in college, my watering hole of choice was a dive bar on the outskirts of Boston where Henry Hill’s crew from Goodfellas once ran a point-shaving operation out of the basement. While I doubt this was a conscious decision to pay homage to its past, the bar had a Pop-A-Shot machine tucked in the corner, where I spent many nights getting progressively worse at shooting a tiny basketball through a hoop six feet away.

Over the course of the too much time I spent there in college, I watched guys who were good enough to play D1 basketball test their luck with varying degrees of success (I’m sure the $2 pints of Busch Lights didn’t help take their game to the next level). However, it became clear that being able to play basketball at a college level doesn’t automatically make you an arcade game prodigy.

Klay Thompson just made the trip back to China a year after he lit the internet on fire thanks to his sick dance moves and the time he temporarily forgetting how to dunk a basketball. This year, he attempted to redeem himself by agreeing to face off against a girl in a Pop-A-Shot contest. I don’t want to say he underestimated his competition, but if he knew what he was up against, he might have rethought his decision to take her on.

It might not have been the best look for Thompson, but that girl was a total amateur compared to another Pop-A-Shot master.

Never underestimate the power of a man with a polo tucked into a pair of khaki shorts.