Steph Curry Mocks Klay Thompson’s Piss Poor Dunk Attempt In China

by 2 years ago


Klay Thompson went to China following his second NBA Finals series victory last month in an attempt to spread his personal brand to the basketball-obsessed folks of East Asia. Kobe Bryant is the number one athlete in terms of popularity in China due to his Olympic success and his consistent promotional trips there with Nike. It has proven to be very lucrative for him, amassing himself a nice little supplemental income.

Klay did himself no favors during his trip with this dunk attempt.

But he totally redeemed himself with these eighth grade dance moves.

During Steph Curry’s Under Armor tour in China, the former NBA MVP mocked his teammate by reenacting Klay’s piss poor dunk attempt.

This just in: Klay Thompson has suggested a trade to wherever Kyrie Irving goes. J/K but that would be incredible.

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