Kobe Bryant Offered Some Great Words Of Wisdom For Gordon Hayward On Instagram


Last night, Gordon Hayward’s season ended just six minutes after it started when he landed awkwardly after an alley-oop and suffered a serious leg injury in the process. There’s currently no timetable for his return, but based on how it looked there’s no doubt he has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

Plenty of NBA players offered their best wishes after witnessing the injury, and this morning Kobe Bryant threw up a post on Instagram offering some words of support for the injured Hayward:

This advice is coming from someone who knows what it’s like to overcome adversity— Kobe was certainly no stranger to injuries over the course of his playing years. He tore his Achilles in 2013 and broke his knee the following season before tearing his rotator cuff in 2015, a series of ailments that ultimately ended his career.

Let’s hope Hayward adapts that #MambaMentality.