Kyle Anderson Channeled Guy Fieri With A Glorious Flame-Covered Shirt And NBA Fans Had Jokes

Fans React To Kyle Anderson Wearing Flame-Covered Shirt On The Bench

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  • Memphis Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson seemingly paid tribute to Guy Fieri by rocking a flame-covered shirt on the bench during a game in Miami
  • Fans pounced on the opportunity to make jokes after his outfit went viral
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It’s hard to imagine Guy Fieri would’ve transformed into the sensation that he is without his trademark spiked bleached locks and a wardrobe built on a foundation of bowling shirts. However, you might be surprised to learn those two signature aspects of his look were actually happy accidents.

A couple of years ago, the Mayor of Flavortown revealed he decided to embrace the hairstyle he never asked for at the salon responsible for the ‘do, and while he’s leaned into the flamboyantly-pattern tops most people associate with him, he didn’t start wearing them until someone at Food Network plucked one from the wardrobe department during his early days.

You might also be a bit shocked to discover Fieri is decidedly not a fan of the flame-covered shirt he’s become inextricably linked with, but that hasn’t stopped his devoted legion of followers from leaning into that particular aesthetic while paying tribute to the chef during pub crawls and on Halloween.

Now, I don’t have any proof that Memphis Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson is a big Guy Fieri Guy, but I feel like you have to assume that’s the case based on the shirt he was rocking on the bench when his team faced off against the Heat in Miami on Monday night.

It didn’t take long for viewers to take notice, and plenty of people chimed in with jokes after the picture of the fire jawn started to make the rounds.

The internet remains undefeated.

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