Lakers Didn’t Trade For Trevor Ariza Because They’re Reportedly Saving Their Young Players For A Deal To Get Anthony Davis

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Earlier this week it seemed like the Lakers were looking to make a move and trade for Suns’ forward Trevor Ariza.

Unfortunately for the Lakers the Washington Wizards ended up offering up the best assets for Ariza.

Apparently the Lakers were given the opportunity to trade for Ariza when trade talks between the Wizards and the Suns got rocky last night but they were unwilling to unload any of their prized assets.

Today on the Woj and Lowe show on ESPN 2 Adrian Wojnarowtski says the Lakers didn’t trade for Ariza because they’re saving up their assets to trade for Anhony Davis this summer

Here’s the line they have to walk: they’re not going to give away picks and their top young players in some deal that makes them incrementally better this season because they have to save all those assets for Anthony Davis, a big trade this summer either pre or post free agency,”.

It seems like the Lakers are fine losing out this season and positioning themselves to pick up Anthony Davis and another star next season.

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