Lakers ‘Shadow Owner’ Linda Rambis And Her Husband Kurt Rambis Reportedly Squashed Ty Lue Hiring And Are Gaining Power Within Organization

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The Los Angeles Lakers are an absolute mess.

For the past week, it seemed like Ty Lue was a lock to get hired as the new head coach of the team after Monty Williams decided to take the Suns job.

The NBA world was stunned this afternoon when the Lakers and Ty Lue broke off contract negotiations and failed to come to an agreement.

Apparently, Kurt Rambis and wife Linda opposed the deal and convinced the team to hold off from hiring Ty Lue.

This isn’t really surprising considering Linda Rambis has been described as the Lakers “shadow” owner by NBA execs a few weeks ago.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan Via Yahoo Sports

some agents and GMs around the league have dubbed her the shadow owner of the Lakers, that everything goes through Linda Rambis, and if you want to convince Jeanie of something, you’ve got to get Linda first.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Kurt Rambis is playing a “major role” in the team’s coaching search and is becoming a “powerful voice” within the organization.

NBA Twitter quickly mocked the Lakers for giving Kurt and Linda so much power.

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