Cold Takes About Lamar Jackson’s Agent Situation Go Viral After Record Setting Deal

Lamar Jackson warms up before a Ravens game.

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Lamar Jackson just became the highest paid player in the NFL, landing a five-year extension with the Baltimore Ravens worth $260 million. That total barely trumps Jalen Hurts’ recent agreement in Philly, which came in at $255 million.

That deal includes a $185 million guarantee as the team secured its future under center.

While news of the record-setting deal came surprisingly quick, the negotiation process was long and drawn out. The two sides seemed to be in a constant state of disagreement over the last year, with each reportedly wanting different things.

In what Jackson called, “he-said, she-said,” many claimed that the passer wanted more fully guaranteed money than Deshaun Watson got in Cleveland.

The Ravens were said to be unwilling to offer those terms.

Talks dragged out over the 2022 campaign and continued into the offseason, with neither side seeming closer to a deal. A number of notable media members believed it was due to Jackson’s agent – Lamar Jackson.

The quarterback represented himself, which many viewed as the wrong move.

That was obviously not the case, as both Jackson and the Ravens worked out a massive deal to fit the needs of both sides. NFL fans on social media didn’t forget about those cold takes, and they quickly reminded folks online.

Rather than pay someone to close the deal, he essentially waited out negotiations of other QBs around the league. Sticking to his guns and knowing his worth, the MVP passer used the market to determine the asking price.

Ian Rapoport noted that Baltimore saw the Jalen Hurts deal and just offered a bit more.

Many doubted the ability of Lamar Jackson to represent himself. It turns out, he made the right move.