Lamar Jackson’s Rumored Contract Demand Doesn’t Really Help His Case

Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Rob Carr

Lamar Jackson’s status remains up in the air for now, as teams are basically saying they’re not interested in signing him.

However, Jackson recently claimed he’s no longer seeking a fully guaranteed contract.

New rumors about the latest update regarding his contract demands don’t really help his case though.

According to Jeremy Fowler, rather than wanting a fully guaranteed deal, Lamar Jackson “is insisting on getting more fully guaranteed money than the $230 million Deshaun Watson got in his deal with the Browns.”

If these rumors are true, then it’s no wonder teams are bowing out of offering Jackson a contract.

Like, what kind of deal is Jackson asking for at this point? These rumors suggest he’s aiming for a $300 million deal with like, $250 million guaranteed, or something.

In what world is that better than a fully guaranteed deal? If any team agrees to that, they’d still be paying a substantial amount of money they’re already saying no to.

It just feels like there are numerous hoops to jump through for any team possibly interested in acquiring Lamar Jackson.

Not only is he asking for a massive contract, but the Ravens have the option to match any offer made to him, thanks to the non-exclusive tag.

Still, there is plenty of time for things to work out. Especially considering the franchise tag deadline is July 17.

With that said, we could be hearing numerous rumors regarding Jackson until then. Even so, keep an eye on the NFL Draft, as big trades tend to happen on draft night.