Lamar Odom Is The Latest Ex-Athlete To Launch Their Own Line Of Marijuana Products

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As marijuana becomes increasingly normalized (and legalized), plenty of people are taking advantage of the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. In addition to hosting a weed-centric Super Bowl party, noted cannabis fan and former NFL running back Ricky Williams has a 4/20-friendly gym as well as his own line of products that are taking full advantage of California’s recently relaxed regulation of the drug.

However, he isn’t the only former athlete to get in on the action. Mike Tyson recently purchased a bunch of land in the state with the intention of building a giant ranch to both grow weed and help educate people about it, and now Lamar Odom— the NBA’s equivalent of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford—is getting into the game.

Odom’s struggles with substance abuse came into the spotlight when he was hospitalized after overdosing at a brothel in 2015. He’s focused on turning his life around ever since the incident and recently revealed that he was able to kick his addiction to hard drugs thanks to another illicit substance: marijuana.

Odom is a full believer in the positive benefits of the plant, and as a result, he’s decided to launch his own brand of products called Rich Soil Organics. He’s teamed up with growers with the goal of creating strains similar to those that he felt were most helpful in his recovery. His target customers aren’t necessarily recreational users, but people similar to him who he feels he can help with a focus on wellness as opposed to highness.

The company is planning on launching the line— which includes basically every marijuana delivery vehicle you can imagine—within the next few months.

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