LaMelo Ball Got A LeBron-Like Billboard Welcoming Him To Ohio And I’m Pretty Pissed About It

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As we wrote here the other day, LaMelo Ball — the youngest of the Ball brothers — is returning to the States to play for an Ohio high school team following a miserable professional career overseas that started and finished with a bunch of controversy. Basically, the 17-year-old flamed out with his Lithuanian pro team, so he was left looking for some other options.

Well, after deciding to attend Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio this year as a senior, LaMelo’s getting a bunch of attention about his upcoming debut on November 13, with one company welcoming with a LeBron James-like billboard. Just look at this thing that a company called Overtime actually paid for.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that a company wanted to welcome LaMelo Ball to Ohio, but, for God’s sake, does it have to be to this extreme level where we’re anointing the kid before he even laces ’em up? Given his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised to see LaMelo get into some argument with a coach or teammate and end up transferring in a couple months anyway.

Maybe I’m just being an Ohio homer since I grew up there, but the fact that some teenage punk gets this sort of treatment pisses me off. What in the hell has LaMelo Ball done to get a LeBron-like billboard? Let’s face it, the LaM-man is no Bron. But, whatever, hope it was money well spent for Overtime.

Anyway, I’m more excited to see LaVar Ball, presumably, get back into the news and giving us ascinine soundbites every time LaMelo Ball does something good or his coach benches him for a breather — ’cause you know LaVar’s licking his chops to get more microphones in his face now.

Best of luck, LaMelo, I just hope a Sports Illustrated cover isn’t coming next.

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