Lane Kiffin’s Dog Is Now Trolling Tennessee And The Social Media Reaction Is Hysterical

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  • Lane Kiffin is now trolling Tennessee fans from his dog’s Twitter account
  • The social media reaction has been hysterical
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Lane Kiffin has never been one to bite his tongue, particularly when the topic of conversation revolves around one of his rivals. And he’s made many over the years.

But there’s undoubtedly one that stands out when talking about Kiffin. The Tennessee Volunteers.

I mean, who else can say they’ve been pelted with golf balls by an opposing fanbase following a win on the road?

Kiffin’s hatred from the fans has been earned. The former Volunteer leader bolted for the West Coast following just one season after the school gave him his first head coaching opportunity. Now, he finds himself back in the SEC, and he’s never shy about ragging on his former employer.

This weekend brought about the perfect storm, too, with Ole Miss finding its way into the College World Series. No. 1 ranked Tennessee was upset by Notre Dame, effectively ending what could’ve been a historical season.

That series of events gave Kiffin the perfect opportunity to stir the pot.

Kiffin trolls Tennessee after baseball weekend

Kiffin was active on Twitter following the baseball weekend, retweeting a number of celebratory posts for the Ole Miss baseball program.

Of course, he couldn’t help but jab at Vols fans, too.

He reposted a couple of anti-Tennessee messages throughout the weekend.

That, in turn, got quite the reaction from the Tennessee faithful. Kiffin went toe-to-toe with a few fans on social media as he ribbed the Vols for missing out on Omaha.

He’s taking it a step further on Monday. Lane Kiffin’s now trolling the university from his dog’s Twitter account.

Lane Kiffin trolls Vols fans from his dog’s Twitter account

Lane Kiffin (or someone close to him) is now tweeting out from his dog’s account.

Again, Tennessee seems to be the target.

And Vols fans are BIG mad with the antics following a surprising end to their baseball season.

Excellent troll job by Kiffin (and Juice). The Vols won’t get their shot at Kiffin on the football field this year unless both Ole Miss and Tennessee make the SEC title game. Even if the two foes don’t meet on the gridiron, you can bet that Kiffin will still draw the attention of the Volunteer fanbase.