Lane Kiffin Has No Chill, Tries To Get His Intern A Girlfriend On Twitter: ‘He Is Really Struggling Lately’

Lane Kiffin Tries To Hook Up His FAU Equipment Manager On Twitter

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Florida Atlantic University head coach Lane Kiffin may have just re-taken the lead for most entertaining college football from Washington State head coach Mike Leach.

This week’s entry into the annals of Lane Kiffin social media heroics comes to us courtesy of his FAU equipment manager intern, who, according to Kiffin, is celebrating his birthday on October 31st.

We also know, thanks to Kiffin, that his equipment manager intern, is named Kenneth Pleimann and goes by the Twitter handle @KP3_EQ_MGR, has been having a rough time of late in the ladies department.

“Happy b day!!! @KP3_EQ_MGR any single girls please follow our “horn guy” He is really struggling lately 😜 @FAUEquipment,” Kiffin tweeted Thursday afternoon.

As you can see, much like Ryan Reynolds, Lane Kiffin has no chill on social media. But then we already knew that, didn’t we?

Pleimann’s response to Kiffin’s birthday plea was appropriately horrified.

“COACH, OMG! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Chilllllll,” Pleimann tweeted back.

This interaction led to even more birthday wishes for Pleimann and perhaps even an actual date.

No doubt about it. Stay tuned.