A Minor League Team Is Having A ‘Backyard Baseball’ Night And It’s The Pablo Sanchez Of Promotions

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backyard baseball promo

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For the most part, the only people who really care about minor league baseball players are their parents and the organizations paying them barely nothing to play for them. In most cases, the teams most valuable asset isn’t the product on the field but rather the people off of it— namely the sports business majors in their marketing departments.

Besides having Tim Tebow on your roster, there’s no better way to get fans through the gate than coming up with a unique promotion to lure them to the stadium. This might involve serving up some culinary abominations, giving away some unconventional Father’s Day gifts, or— in the recent case of one club— pissing off an entire generation.

However, it might be time to fire every single person who isn’t employed by the Lansing Lugnuts, because they just dreamed up the promotion to end all promotions in the form of the upcoming Backyard Baseball Night— a.k.a the Pablo Sanchez of minor league baseball theme nights.

According to MILB.com, the Lugnuts will temporarily become The Mighty Wombats on August 18— and if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of goodies to be had:

Backyard Baseball Night will feature free admission to all fans who share names with characters from the original Backyard Baseball; a Wiffle Ball field in the front plaza; drink specials in honor of the legendary Pablo Sanchez’s 21st birthday; a Pablo Sanchez Bobblehead giveaway to the first 1,000 fans – and now a new fan-chosen identity for the hometown heroes, with special one-night-only Mighty Wombats jerseys now being designed.

It’s unclear if the team’s players will wear uniforms featuring the names of athletes from the game, but if they are, this is the only way the lineup should look (assuming each player has the same skill set as their counterpart):

  1. Pete Wheeler (CF)
  2. Amir Khan (3B)
  3. Achmed Khan (RF)
  4. Pablo Sanchez (LF)
  5. Kiesha Phillips (1B)
  6. Tony Delvecchio (DH)
  7. Stephanie Morgan (SS)
  8. Dmitri Petrovich (C)
  9. Dante Robinson (2B)

All you have to do is throw Kenny Kawaguchi on the mound and it’s basically game over. The Lugnuts’— sorry— Wombats’ manager can thank me later.


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