A Minor League Baseball Team Tried To Mock Millennials And It Did Not Go Well For Them

by 6 months ago
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In recent years, millennials have gotten as much shit from older generations as a fertilizer company that sources its product from local farmers. In addition to killing basically everything, the generation has come under fire for not knowing how to cook, not being as neighborly as others feel they should, being horrible at tipping (hate that is actually justified) and having the nerve to move back in with their parents.

However, the one thing that seems to be consistently (and conveniently) overlooked is the fact that millennials have grown up in the world the generations that mock them built in the first place. In my experience, older people looooooove to talk about participation trophies while avoiding the reality that they were the ones who decided to start handing them out in the first place.

The aforementioned trophies are just one aspect of a “Millennial Night” planned by a minor league baseball team later this month. On Wednesday, the Montgomery Biscuits posted a tweet just overflowing with condescension to promote the event and let’s just say things did probably not go as they intended.

It was only a matter of time before people started to flood their mention with a bunch of rebuttals that will unfortunately just reaffirm the beliefs of everyone who blames the perceived hypersensitivity of millennials for being the reason they can’t be overtly racist anymore.

Here are some of the best replies (as well as a few other reactions rounded up by For The Win):

The team decided to double down, which I’m totally sure will attract the new, young fans baseball needs as the sport slowly withers away.

As someone who literally wrote the book on making fun of millennials, I’m the first person to admit that they have plenty of flaws. However,  this just comes off as a tone-deaf attempt by an out-of-touch marketing team who was just trying to stir things up.

With that said, if any publicity is good publicity, I guess I have to give them a tip of the hat.

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