This Is What Happens When You Turn 40 Before Getting Laid: Meet The World’s Greatest Archer

Archery is on its last legs as a sport, it has no practical purpose in modern society. However, that didn’t stop ‘Master Archer’ Lars Andersen from devoting his entire sexless life to rediscovering the ancient secrets of archery.

In this video he attempts to teach the world about how Hollywood has forever changed the public perception of archery, teaching us that archers carry their quivers on their backside and only shoot right or left-handed, not both.

But ‘ol ‘Tickle Me Quivers’ Lars is here to change all that. He’s a fucking RENAISSANCE MAN, dammit! Archery isn’t just for wars in the days of William Wallace. No! Any man who wants to pick up a bow and hop around a room looking like a jackass is MORE THAN WELCOME to do so, as long as that man knows that by strapping on that bow he forfeits all rights to sex in this world.

How can one man make so many things look that painfully awkward? How is that even possible? When I first started watching this video I assumed it was going to be some sort of trick shot video with a hook. As it turns out the ‘hook’ is how awkward a man looks once he gives up sex and dignity…

Oh Lars:

Again, how does one man make so many different things look soooooooooo painfully awkward?

If you haven’t had enough Lars yet, here he is breaking some sort of speed record back in 2012. Because Archery is totally important enough to still have records being broken….

Dude reminds me so much of that ‘Lightning Bolt!’ video from a decade ago, that LARP’r…oh you know which one I’m talking about, this one:


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