This Bro Is Wearing A Dress And Getting Pelted With Tomatoes For Finishing Last In His Fantasy Football League


Reader Email

Yesterday, I posted a fantasy football punishment where a guy had to strip naked and strike Prince Fielder’s pose from ESPN’s Body Issue. With that post I asked for the rest of you gorgeous sons of bitches to send in other punishment stories, photos, videos, etc. from your fantasy leagues. Here’s the first we’ve received.

According to Reader Email:

I bring you the greatest fantasy league last place punishment of all time. Loser gets tomatoed for a full minute while wearing a dress.

Protip: Head to a grocery store and ask nicely for their expired tomatoes. They usually have a full crate of them that they’d gladly give to you no problem.

Protips for you:

1) Get a camera that was manufactured after 1984.

2) Tie the fucker up. He lost. He needs to stand in place and accept his punishment. He shouldn’t be allowed to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. He lost the privilege to move the moment he decided to be league’s embarrassment.

Otherwise…nice work, gents.

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