LaVar Ball Is Talking Sh*t About The Lakers Again And Proving He’s As Delusional As Ever

lavar ball disses lakers

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In the past couple of months, an eerie silence has hovered over the NBA after LaVar Ball seemingly went into exile and managed to go longer than ever without ruffling feathers with some outlandish claim.

Bill Simmons said Ball had quieted down because someone was paying him to stay out of the headlines while another Bill said he was simply afraid of the wrath of LeBron James, who is decidedly not a fan of the most Basketball Dad in the history of Basketball Dads.

However, things changed earlier this week when Ball emerged from the cave that is his giant house to link up with Kanye West, sparking rumors there could be a Big Baller Brand collaboration in the works

Now, Lavar has come back in a big, big way thanks to an interview with a German outlet in which he ripped into the Lakers for not making the objectively terrible decision to draft LiAngelo:

“If the Lakers were smart, you know what you get? The other two Ball boys and you’re going to win championship after championship after championship. Try something that’s never been done before which is build a team around a family.

You build around one Kobe, one Shaq now you have to get four other players. One LeBron, you have to get all these other players. You get the three Ball boys, you just need two rebounders. Every year. Just get the same ones.

You can’t keep no teams together on the fact that they all chasing that money and they want their own. My boys are just worried about championships. The last time they were together? They went undefeated. I put Melo over here with Gelo and they killing them. They can’t beat them. Add Lonzo to the mix. Unbeata-Ball.”

I imagine it’s only a matter of time until BBB starts selling “Unbeata-Ball” t-shirts for $120 a pop.

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