Leaked Video Shows Fired ESPN Reporter Marly Rivera Cursing Out Another Journalist

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There’s video evidence of now-former ESPN reporter Marly Rivera cursing out another journalist.

On Wednesday, Rivera was fired by ESPN after she called freelance reporter Ivón Gaete a “f–king c–t,” after the two got into a heated argument about who was next to interview Aaron Judge before a Yankees game.

Via NY Post.

ESPN national baseball reporter Marly Rivera has been fired after an incident at Yankee Stadium in which she uttered the words, “f–king c–t” toward a fellow female reporter over an Aaron Judge interview, The Post has learned.

Rivera had been a dugout reporter on the Home Run Derby, some “Sunday Night Baseball” telecasts, and is an ESPN Radio MLB playoff game analyst.

On Thursday, TMZ obtained the video of the incident, and it makes Rivera looks pretty bad, considering she cursed out Gaete while Judge was signing autographs for kids.


The video shows Rivera got so livid with Gaete — who the Post reported had been at the stadium to cover Angels star Shohei Ohtani for Tokyo Broadcasting — she began to raise her voice at the woman in Spanish … as Judge signed autographs and posed for pics with fans just feet away.

At one point, Rivera rolled her eyes and called Gaete a “f***ing c***.”

Gaete was clearly taken aback by the remark — and asked a nearby camera person if they had caught it on video.

The two reporters then lingered around Judge for several moments. When he finally left the area, it seemed Rivera wanted to apologize … but it didn’t appear Gaete was willing to accept it.

Here’s the video of the incident between Rivera and Gaete which led to Rivera’s firing.

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