Leave The Gym With A Massive Pump EVERY TIME Using These 3 Finishing Moves

It happens to everyone.

You are at the gym, and you just crushed your workout and somehow you pre-workout has not worn off leaving you some gas still in the tank. What do you do when this happens? No, you do not head over and do curls mindlessly nor go get on the elliptical you are better than that.

You want something that will drain you and leave you feeling SWOLE. Something that gets the pump in your muscles so large that when you walk out of the gym, you look like The Rock and not E from Entourage.

Here are three killer finishers that you can do when you have a few drops left in the tank to get that pump.

Shoulder Swollers

Do not go heavy on this, trust me. Start with 10 pounds or less because there is no rest here between these exercises, so man up Tony Brotana because this will push you to your limit as you progress. You will perform 10 reps of each exercise.

Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Front Raise

Standing Arnold Dumbbell Press

After you have completed one set of these exercises, rest for 3 minutes, and do one more set. If you still have a little more in the tank, move onto my next shoulder finisher that will finally suck out every last drop of gas you have.

Assassin (Creed) Climbers

I am a giant video game nerd, but I mean who isn’t right? Plus, Assassins Creed is pretty freaking cool because you get to climb tall ass buildings and then jump down from them and stab dudes with your secret dagger.

All that climbing takes a lot of strength and muscular endurance in the shoulders, arms, and back as well as your grip where about 10% of your strength lies.

All you need for this finisher is a pull-up bar.

Start with a normal grip pull-up and perform one pull-up. At the bottom of this pull-up move one hand to a different position on the pull-up bar either to the wide grip or neutral grip and perform another pull-up. Again at the bottom move your second hand to a new position and perform another pull-up. Each time at the bottom move your hand(s) to a new position, continue this until you cannot do any more pull-ups. Check out the video here to see the exercise in action.

The last one I have for you will leave your biceps, triceps, and shoulders with an Arnold like pump. These will truly terminate your workout for the day.


Again pick a lighter weight here. You are going to be doing a ton of reps so you do not need to pick up anything over 15 pounds here, and I highly suggest sticking with less than 10 pounds.

Set a timer on your phone, or just keep an eye on your stopwatch, for 60 seconds. To be a little more dramatic I usually do these kneeling on both knees, it makes me feel more badass but it does take out the likelihood that I will try to use my back or legs to finish a movement. All of this is done one arm at a time, and you switch every 60 seconds. Check out the explanation for how to perform these in this video here.

One Arm Bicep Curl (do both biceps before moving on)

One Arm Shoulder Press (do both shoulders before moving on)

One Arm Tricep Extension (do both triceps before collapsing and screaming to the heavens)

All of these finishers are a great way to get that last bit of gas out of the tank before you leave the gym. They will provide you with that skin-tight, shirt ripping, vein popping pump you desire.