LeBron James Annoyed The Hell Out Of A Commuter While Riding The Subway In NYC

by 7 months ago

Imagine being so rich that taking the subway is like going on a goddamn roller coaster. Phone’s out, all smiles. LeBron has no idea about subway etiquette: shut your damn mouth, don’t make eye contact with anyone, and avoid the empty subway car because a residentially challenged man shit in it. LBJ has been rich since before he could legally watch rated-R movies in theaters. He doesn’t understand that for the rest of us peasants, the subway is a necessary evil that is uncomfortable, rickety, and as reliable as a drug dealer who’s low on gas. For him, the subway is an opportunity to mingle with the common folk, who want nothing more than to be left alone before going home, zapping a microwave dinner, and watching that new show on Netflix that the wife really likes.

LeBron’s in awfully good spirits for someone whose team has yet to string together back-to-back wins since the first two games of the season. Come to think of it: the Cavs, at 6-7, should not be allowed to take rich people transportation until they break .500 or above. Until then, the

LeBron said that was the second time riding the subway like a normal person. I’ve done a little deep dive journalism to obtain this photo of his first trip.

Ok, that’s not him but my god if that dude isn’t making a fortune impersonating LeBron, he is missing out on a cash cow.

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