LeBron James Couldn’t Handle the Heat, So “LeBroning” Is Now a Thing

The San Antonio Spurs found a way to stop LeBron James. All they had to do, it turns out, was turn off the air conditioning in the AT&T Center.

As temperatures in the arena rose to almost 90 degrees, the Miami Heat star couldn’t take the heat. James suffered some extreme leg cramping which sidelined him for most of the fourth quarter when the Spurs made their decisive run.

After re-entering the game in desperation and making a layup, James lost all ability to move and had to be carried to the bench.

The Spurs’ Tony Parky also missed a significant portion of crunch time.

It was a bizarre way for the NBA Finals to get started. On the bright side, it inspired an Internet meme because pretty much everything inspires an Internet meme.

Here’s a few “genius” examples of “LeBroning.”


You might be shocked to learn this is not the first time an athlete has cramped up. It happens quite often actually, especially under unusually warm conditions. But, hey, I get why this is a big deal. LeBron just isn’t a winner.