This Insane Full Leg Tattoo Of LeBron James Is One Of The Most Detailed Pieces Of Ink I’ve Ever Seen

A big LeBron James fan got a full-leg tattoo that's one of the most detailed pieces of ink ever.

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LeBron James has plenty of fans around the world. After all, he’s one of the most polarizing athletes on the planet, and has proven himself to be more than just an athlete by expanding his personal brand into things like movies, TV shows and other projects, which makes him likable in some form; even if it’s not from sports.

While LeBron has a bunch of people who admire him, one guy may take the title as being the biggest LeBron James out there, because, per Bleacher Report’s Twitter account, this unnamed guy decided to get a full leg tattoo of some of James’ greatest moments as a basketball player. And while we’ve seen a few people do something similar in the past to pay homage to the Lakers star, this one person made sure the giant piece was done to perfection, too, because the amount of detail is absolutely stunning. Take a look at the pictures below, courtesy of the artist who did it, Nastasya Ustinova.

While the entire piece is incredible, the fact that this guy decided to get both of his legs done is remarkable. That’s definitely an acquired taste — and someone who has lots of passion for LeBron James — but the end result was well worth it. Just one question: How much did this cost and how long did it take?

We’ve seen plenty of other sports fans get wild and detailed tattoos of their favorite players, teams or moments, but this LeBron James piece definitely takes home the title as being the best. Something tells me James would agree.

(H/T Bleacher Report Twitter)