NBA Fans Pull Out Receipts After LeBron James Claims He ‘Gave Everything’ This Season

LeBron James Claims He 'Gave Everything' Before Fans Prove Him Wrong

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  • LeBron James issued a fairly absurd claim after announcing he was sitting out for the rest of the season due to an injury
  • The Laker claimed he “gave everything” over the course of a disappointing season and people were quick to point out that wasn’t actually the case
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Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Lakers’ season effectively came to an end when they were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, and on Friday, LeBron James’ season officially came to an end when the team announced he’ll be sitting out for the last two games of the campaign due to an injured ankle.

It was an appropriately underwhelming way for James to cap off one of the most underwhelming seasons of his otherwise legendary career, and you kind of have to imagine he’s slightly relieved to be put out of the misery the franchise was forced to grapple with for the vast majority of the year.

After the news broke, James hopped on Twitter to acknowledge the development while briefly reflecting on the season before saying he “gave everything” he had when he was healthy enough to take to the hardwood.

However, there’s just one slight problem with that statement—to paraphrase Maury Povich: everyone with eyes determined that was a lie!

Now, before I continue, I should make it clear that I’m far from a LeBron Hater; the fact that he’s still able to perform at such a high level and routinely pull off absurd athletic feats most people could never even dream of as he prepares to gear up for his 20th season in the NBA is why he’ll always be remembered as one of the best players of all time.

With that said, the claim that he “gave everything” this season is a patently absurd claim based on a number of different instances where James basically just decided to give up when he was on the floor.

Good job, good effort.