LeBron James Missed Every Single Shot In Historically Awful Preseason Debut And Lakers Fans Let Him Hear It

LeBron James Missed Every Single Shot In Historically Awful Preseason Debut And Lakers Fans Let Him Hear It

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Both of these things are true: LeBron James is one of the greatest if not THE greatest NBA player in history. Also, the NBA Preseason really doesn’t matter at all.

While both of those statements can be true, it can also be very concerning that LeBron James missed every single shot in his NBA Preseason debut with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers were BAD last season. They finished 2021-22 with a 33-49 record (.402) including just 18-34 in the Western Conference.

The Lakers organization, Lakers fans, and LeBron James certainly hope for better in the 2022-23 season but LeBron’s preseason debut was a bit ominous. In the 16 minutes LeBron was on the court, King James took 7 shots from the field and missed all 7. Lakers fans certainly let him hear it on social media afterward.

LeBron James had a historically awful NBA Preseason debut and missed every single shot. Lakers fans let him hear it afterward on social media.

Is this the King James version of the ‘Surrender Cobra‘?

This will be his 20th year in the league!

It wasn’t just a fever dream, it really happened:

Was it the Kings’ defense doing the work or LeBron James just throwing up bricks?

YIKES, this take is going a bit too far.

Trade him to where? For what? No chance that’s happening:

King James was asked about playing with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook

LeBron talks about how this is all about ‘rhythm’ and ‘conditioning’. But this is his TWENTIETH year in the league. One would think he’d be able to keep his conditioning in check during the offseason. That’s what has led to Tom Brady’s longevity and LeBron James 100% knows that.

If I was a Lakers fan, I’d be more concerned about LeBron discussing his conditioning than missing all 7 shots.

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