10 Scorching Hot Takes About LeBron James Getting Ejected For Violent And Flagrant Foul On Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James Isaiah Stewart hot takes reactions to violent foul

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

  • LeBron James got ejected on Sunday in a game against the Detroit Pistons for committing a violent and flagrant foul on Isaiah Stewart
  • Isaiah Stewart was left with a face covered in blood after LeBron elbowed/punched him, the benches cleared, Stewart appeared to try to fight LeBron, and there were some scorching hot takes
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LeBron James was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Detroit Pistons after a violent and flagrant foul on Isaiah Stewart.

This was just the second game ejection for LeBron James in his career. But he got the boot after an ensuing brawl between both teams and the replay officials reviewed LeBron’s flagrant foul 2. Isaiah Stewart was also ejected for the ensuing donnybrook with everyone holding him back while his face was covered in blood from LeBron’s dirty foul.

LeBron James is one of the most polarizing athletes on the planet. I’d argue that he has more fans than haters but I might be way off in that assessment. One thing’s for certain, there was no shortage of SCORCHING HOT TAKES after LeBron’s disgusting foul on Isaiah Stewart.

The initial response from social media was to instantly turn Isaiah Stewart chasing LeBron into memes, then came the hot takes below. Here’s the initial foul and brawl if you missed it with the hot takes underneath:

Reactions on social media include:

This is one of the hottest takes out there. ‘Pack your bags, you’re gonna be traded! Get ready for drug tests! LeBron is untouchable!’ Who believes this???

This might be the worst take I’ve seen yet.

LeBron James was out there playing 4-D chess.

“Everyone in the league” doesn’t really align with how the Pistons are feeling today.

Remember this?

Based on recent history in the NBA, it looks like LeBron James will be facing a 2-3 game suspension for his flagrant 2 foul on Isaiah Stewart.

This was caused by LeBron James throwing a closed fist punch. You can watch the replay countless times and it’s as clear as day. So the league certainly needs to factor that in with handing out suspensions to LeBron and Isaiah Stewart as those suspensions shouldn’t be equal.