LeBron James Talks About Playing Alongside Michael Jordan During Scrimmages In 2003 ‘We Didn’t Lose A Game’

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It appears that Michael Jordan and LeBron James were a superteam during offseason scrimmages back in the day.

Earlier this year, a photo of a young LeBron and Jordan playing in a scrimmage went viral.

On Monday night, LeBron hosted an afterparty to discuss “The Last Dance” and was asked about the photo.

According to LeBron, the photo was from a scrimmage in Santa Barbera from 2003 and he was actually on the same team as Michael Jordan.

That is Santa Barbera, that is Michael Jordan’s camp in Santa Barbera we were on the same team then. I was a rookie. I was a rookie in the league in Santa Barbera at Michael Jordan’s camp…we would stay with the college kids that he would invite to the games and we would get a good a** runs in for an hour, hour fifteen minutes..I was on the team with MJ and we didn’t lose a game

LeBron then went on to tell a hilarious story about Jordan talking trash after hitting a game-winner in one of the scrimmages in Antoine Walker’s face.