LeBron James Goes On NSFW Rant Blasting Browns Player Who Was Critical Of Fan’s 0-16 Parade

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Over the weekend, disgruntled Cleveland Browns fans held their tongue-in-cheek parade to “celebrate” the team’s 0-16 “perfect” season.

Browns defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah was not happy with Browns fans mocking the team with the parade.

“That parade is a joke, don’t call yourself a true Browns fan if you go to that thing!” Ogbah tweeted Saturday morning. “Going 0-16 was embarrassing enough as a player. That is like adding fuel to the fire, and it is completely wrong!”

LeBron was not fond of Ogbah going after Browns fans and issued this NSFW rebuttal.

Via The Athletic

“F— yeah, I’d be pissed,” James said when asked how he’d feel if he were a player on the team. “But how are you going to be pissed at the fans? It’s not like they don’t show up. I mean, damn. It’s 1-31. If our fans decided they want to have a f—– up parade and we were 1-31 the last two years? You can’t be mad at that. It’s f—– up. I understand that as a player, but you’ve got to try to fix that s—. It could be worse. How ’bout they just boycott a season until y’all win two games in a row?”

LeBron isn’t wrong here.

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