LeBron James Reportedly ‘Seriously Considered’ Running For President Of The United States

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After Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 we’ve heard several celebrities including Kanye West, Oprah and The Rock have considered entering politics. It seems like NBA superstar LeBron James might be another athlete/celebrity who believes he may have a shot at becoming POTUS one day.

According to Skip Bayless, ‘someone close’ to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar recently said that LeBron has seriously considered running for President of the United States someday.

Skip, who has been a longtime LeBron hater, even went on to say that he believes LeBron could handle the presidency if he wanted to take that route.

Over the weekend LeBron was asked if he was considering running for President in the future and he has denied it.

After Trump won the presidency I wouldn’t put it past LeBron or anyone else to run for office.