NBA Fans React To Enes Kanter Freedom Awkwardly Avoiding Eye Contact With LeBron James, Getting Disrespected By Russell Westbrook

LeBron James

Enes Kanter Freedom didn’t appear interested in confronting LeBron James or his teammates on Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, the Boston Celtics big man who has been critical of LeBron for not speaking out against China over their human rights violations, claimed that the Lakers superstar was afraid to confront him in person when the Celtics and Lakers played.

“I wasn’t the one that right passed him. He was the one that literally walked right by me and did not say anything.”

The Lakers played the Celtics again on Tuesday night and Kanter, who recently changed his last name to Freedom, was called out by fans for awkwardly looking away when LeBron was talking in his direction.

Later in the game, LeBron’s teammate Russell Westbrook was seen clapping right in Freedom’s face.

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