LeBron James Sent A Taco Truck To Help Feed The People Fighting The Getty Fire In Los Angeles

lebron james getty fire taco truck

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The state of California seems to be an absolute haven for natural disasters, and shortly after wildfires broke out in Sonoma County last week, Los Angeles found itself facing a blaze of its own in the form of the Getty Fire, which has consumed over 650 acres since it was sparked on Monday.

Photos and videos that emerged from the area highlighted just how scary things have gotten as tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate—including LeBron James, who revealed he had to flee his home and find somewhere else to hole up after he was informed his house was being threatened by the fire.

Only 15% of the Getty Fire has been contained as of this writing and responders on the ground (and above) are doing everything in their power to combat it as people in Los Angeles and beyond make what strides they can to help out the brave men and women who are sacrificing their safety for the greater good.

This includes LeBron, who reportedly celebrated his favorite day of the week by commissioning a taco truck to stop by a base camp to feed the people who continue to battle the fire (I can only assume he realized sending them some pizza from Blaze would have been in slightly poor taste).

Guy Fieri also did what he could to aid efforts a bit further north by continuing a proud tradition and offering his services to people taking refuge from the Kincade Fire even as his home is threatened by the inferno.

I’d expect nothing less.

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