LeBron James Gets Criticized After Appearing To Take Credit For Coming Up With ‘Plan’ That Saved The NBA Season

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LeBron James is trying to clear the air after it was reported that were was a rift between him and other players during meetings this week to decide whether or not to resume the season following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

On Wednesday night Yahoo Sports’ Chris B.Haynes revealed that a frustrated LeBron had stormed out and had voted to sit out the remainder of the season after George Hill and the Bucks had decided amongst themselves to go on strike.

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LeBron James was one of the many players miffed with the Bucks’ handling of the situation as well, sources said. To him and so many others, it put them in a no-win situation.

His frustration with Hill and the Bucks was because the players didn’t have a plan of action that would warrant players returning to play, sources said. James’ mindset, sources said, was if they’re refusing to play, then what’s the end game and what demands must be met to continue?

With emotions all over the place, Haslem pressed James and asked the star what he planned to do, reminding him that he’s the face of the league and it goes as he goes, sources said.

James then said, “We’re out,” and walked out with almost all of his teammates following behind, sources said, with Dwight Howard being the only Laker who remained.

LeBron spoke to The Athletic’s Joe Vardon and says he was willing to quit the season because the Bucks didn’t have a plan but then decided to continue playing when he came up with a plan overnight.

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“When I went to bed, I had major reservations about playing,” LeBron told The Athletic. “It wasn’t what they (the Milwaukee Bucks) said; we heard what they said. It was, What the fuck are we going to do now? Are we just going to go back out there and play again, after all of this, with no plan? Nah. What was the plan?

“I woke up Thursday morning and I came up with a plan,” he said.

The plan that was put in place Thursday and Friday, through calls between the players and owners, including at least one in which LeBron participated, is for the creation of a social justice coalition among players, coaches and team front-office members; the transformation of arenas owned by NBA teams into polling places in the November election; and ads running during playoff games promoting voting access and civic engagement.

LeBron’s comments go against what Stephen A.Smith reported earlier in the week about players and owners being ‘turned off” by LeBron’s actions during meetings.

Fans don’t seem to be buying LeBron’s narrative that he alone came up with the plan that saved the season.