What The What?! A Korean Baseball Player Bunted For A Double And This Isn’t The First Time He’s Done It

Lee Dae-hyung KBO bunt double

Twitter, MyKBO

While Bryce Harper is trying to make baseball fun again here in America, time and time again we’ve seen in the KBO that baseball is already freaking awesome.

From the ludicrous, spectacular bat flips to the pre-batting rituals to shooting fireballs to home plate for the first pitch MLB could learn a thing or 100 from Korean baseball.

Take for instance outfielder Lee Dae-hyung and his astounding ability to bunt for a goddamn double. Yes, I said bunt.

Have you ever seen that before anywhere other than maybe in a little league game? Certainly not in the Majors. That’s some crazyass shit right there.

What’s even more astounding is that, according to Busted Coverage, it isn’t the first time he’s pulled it off.

I’d pay real money to see a Major Leaguer with the skills, and the balls, to try that move here in America.