Le’Veon Bell Reportedly Changed His Comeback Plans After His Teammates Threw Him Under The Bus

LeVeon Bell Changed Comeback Plans After Teammates Comments

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Remember way back last Wednesday when several of Le’Veon Bell’s Pittsburgh Steelers teammates went in on him for holding out? This coming shortly after Bell’s agent said the star running back might not even play until week 10 of the NFL season? Yeah, well, they may have, go figure, made matters worse.

According to former NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Bell spoke to him about his holdout and, sure enough, he wasn’t happy with his teammates derogatory comments about him.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Jones-Drew shared this new information on “The Dave Dameshek Football Program.”

Jones-Drew said that Bell had a return strategy in place that may have been impacted by his teammates publicly commenting about his contractual status.

“I don’t know when he comes back,” Jones-Drew said. “He had a plan. He told me, but I will never say it.

“I knew. But then I didn’t know because all this stuff came out after the players said (what they did about his contract).”

At one point, Bell was described as “livid” over that development by Jones-Drew. Later on, though, the former Jaguar says Bell rationalized away that emotion by stating his teammates just didn’t understand the situation.

So, good job, guys. While you are gearing up for the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, your boy Le’Veon Bell is partying the night away in Miami.

Well played.

In other Le’Veon Bell news, fantasy football owners are still apopleptic over Bell not playing yet this season.

And on it goes.

Should have seen this coming…

Oh well.

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