Le’Veon Bell Blasts The NFL Over ‘Random’ Drug Tests After Taking Fifth Test In Ten Weeks ‘I’m Not Doing Another After Today’

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New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell is fed up with the NFL’s drug-testing policy.

In a Twitter rant on Wednesday afternoon, Bell claims that he’s been subjected to five “‘random’ HGH blood” tests in the last 10 weeks and said that he wasn’t going to allow the NFL to stick “dirty ass needles” in him ever again.

Bell insists that the drug tests are for HGH and not marijuana, which he has faced league discipline for in the past.

Bell isn’t the only player who feels that he’s being unfairly targetted by NFL’s “random” drug testing policy. Last week Odell Beckham Jr. complained about having to take multiple PED tests a week.

Via Cleveland.com

A clearly frustrated Beckham then told cleveland.com he’s been tested multiple times per week through what are supposed to be random drug tests for players across the NFL. This week alone, Beckham said he was the subject of two random drug tests.

“(The NFL) made me come in Monday when we had an off day. Had a drug test,” Beckham said. “Made me come in Thursday after the game. Had another drug test.

“Every week, twice a week.”

Bell and Beckham are not the first and certainly won’t be the last players that will complain about the NFL’s random testing policy.

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