Two Opposing LFL Players Escalated A Post-Dirty Tackle Stepover Into A Full Team Brawl

I don’t really have many opinions on the LFL. I really only watch it when there’s a wardrobe malfunction, a coach freakout or a fight. I’m a little shallow, I’ll admit it. But I’m not sure what the league officials here are expecting from us when they toss a bunch of scantily clad women in football pads on the field. If they didn’t want us to watch it for the wardrobe malfunctions, they would stick them in a turtleneck and football pants.

That being said, these chick who got into a massive brawl to the tune of “I’m going to fucking kill you, bitch” are g-damn terrifying.

The enigma of the LFL really is the women. The hot chicks aren’t scary and the scary chicks aren’t hot. Football players are supposed to be terrifying, not sexy. But if they want us to watch chicks in lingerie run around, shouldn’t they be sexy? This is the classic case of hotties or notties. The catch is that an entire organization hinges on whether or not a company can make the right decision.

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